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CHRIS Data Request Form

New Access Agreement Forms

As of Friday, January 11, 2013, the CHRIS Information Centers will begin using new Access and Use Agreements. There will be a 48-day phase-in period for the new agreements, through Thursday, February 28, 2013. CHRIS users should complete and submit a new agreement (see attached Announcement and forms).

Please note: each consulting firm only needs to complete one CHRIS Information Access and Use Agreement Form STATEWIDE.  Submission of the form will allow the CHRIS client to be assigned a Statewide Access Agreement number.  Individual records search or other data requests can then be submitted individually to the appropriate Information Center.  Please note: a new data request form is being finalized and will be posted in the near future.

A CHRIS Information Access and Use Agreement which may apply to an individual, office, company, district, agency, or some other administrative or organizational unit. Only one CHRIS Access and Use Agreement should be completed by the agreement holder, and this agreement will apply through the entire CHRIS, at all Information Centers.

A CHRIS Authorized User Form
for identifying each user that will be submitting information requests or conducting records searches under the terms of an Access and Use Agreement.

A CHRIS Information Center Conditional Use Agreement for use when the holder of an active Access and Use Agreement desires to temporarily share CHRIS data with another person or entity who is not covered under that same agreement.

A CHRIS Access Agreement Short Form
– for use instead of an Access and Use Agreement, but only when at least one of the four below-listed exceptions applies.

Information requests from individuals pertaining to historical resources located on private property which they own; or
Requests for summary information about historical resources, prepared by an Information Center; or
Information requests for educational or scholarly research only; or
Requests for information where the terms of access are specified in an agreement with the Information Center at which the information is being requested, and said agreement specifically excludes the requirement for a CHRIS Information Access and Use Agreement.

California Historical Resource Status Codes

Instructions for Recording Historical Resources

Historic Structures Report

State DPR Forms (Microsoft Word)

523a-Primary Record
523b-Building, Structure, Object Record
523c-Archaeological Site Record
523d-District Record
523e-Linear Record
523f-Mill Stat Rec
523g-Rock Art Record
523h-Artifact Record
523i-Photographic Record
523j-Location Map
523k-Sketch Map
523l-Continuation Sheet